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Who is eligible for this program?
Please see “Eligibility”, for full details on residency eligibility requirements. The Baltimore Scholars Program provides financial support for families making $150,000 or less; see “Scholarship,” for more details about the program’s financial eligibility.
Admitted Baltimore City students with family income greater than $150,000 are not eligible for the Baltimore Scholars Program; however, they will be considered for financial support through our general financial aid process, which awarded over $80 million to undergraduates last year. Hopkins meets 100 percent of demonstrated need for all Homewood-based students receiving financial aid and offers a wide range of financial aid options. Our financial aid advisers are experienced in helping many different types of families find the solution that works best for them.
Are private high school students eligible for this program?
Ultimately, the Baltimore Scholars Program represents a partnership between Johns Hopkins University, the community, the city of Baltimore, and its public schools, and is not available to students in private high schools. Though these students are not eligible for the Baltimore Scholars Program, the university has a commitment to making Hopkins an affordable option to all admitted students, regardless of their family financial circumstances, and all admitted Homewood students who apply for financial aid will receive a package that meets 100 percent of demonstrated financial need. Last year, Hopkins gave over $80 million in grant money to undergraduates, with first-year students receiving average need-based grants of $38,000.
What are the requirements for retaining the scholarship throughout my time as an undergraduate?
The scholarship continues as long as the student maintains a 2.0 cumulative GPA, completes at least 12 credits per semester, and remains in good standing.
I graduated from a Baltimore City public school a couple of years ago, and have attended another four-year college. If I transfer to Johns Hopkins, am I eligible for the Baltimore Scholars Program?
No. The program’s focus is on students applying as first-time, first-year, degree-seeking students. Transfer students will be considered for aid through the regular financial aid process.

Financial Aid

What happens if my family income changes after I’ve been admitted as part of the Baltimore Scholar Program?
Financial eligibility is determined at the time of admission and the scholarship is awarded for all four years of undergraduate study. If you have questions about how any change in your family’s situation would impact your financial aid award, as part of the Baltimore Scholars Program or in general, please speak with your financial aid adviser.
What happens if I win an additional scholarship from an outside source? Would it be added to my Baltimore Scholars award?
Federal and Maryland State grants will reduce your award; however other scholarship awards can be combined with the Baltimore Scholars award but only up to the level of the cost of attendance at Johns Hopkins (including room and board and expenses) for students in the $80,000-$150,000 tier. After the total cost of attendance is met, funds from your Baltimore Scholars award would be reduced to bring your scholarships in line with actual cost.
I have a parent who works at the university. Would I receive the full Baltimore Scholars Program grant in addition to the tuition grant benefit my parent receives?
No. We will adjust Baltimore Scholars awards to ensure that total tuition scholarship assistance from all sources is not greater than the cost of tuition at Johns Hopkins.

Other Questions

How do I know if I’ve been chosen as a Baltimore Scholar?
Students receive information about their award at the time of decision notification. If students meet the eligibility requirements and are admitted to an undergraduate program at Johns Hopkins, they are automatically a part of the Baltimore Scholars Program. No additional application is needed. Admitted Baltimore City public school graduates who do not qualify for the financial or residency requirements of the scholarship will receive the standard financial aid notification with their admitted student materials.
What happens if my family moves out of Baltimore City while I am a Baltimore Scholar?
Once you are designated a Baltimore Scholar, that designation does not change, even if your family moves out of Baltimore City.
What if I was admitted to the Baltimore Scholars Program prior to 2016?
Awards for Baltimore Scholar recipients currently studying as undergraduates will be updated to match the structure outlined above. Current Scholars whose family income is above $150,000 will retain their full-tuition scholarships for the remainder of their time as an undergraduate.
The current eligibility requirements and award structure of the Baltimore Scholars Program were announced in 2016 and apply to students applying for admission in fall 2016 and later.
All Baltimore Scholars will be invited and encouraged to join in the networking and enrichment opportunities that occur throughout the year.